Sherri Lynn Cooper

The Blanket

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Forty little fingers, ten thumbs and fifty toes.
All in random order and none are in neat rows.
Everybody squirming, yes sir, the fight is on!
No one there to settle it with Mom and Dad both gone.
Two pull the blanket to the left, three scream and pull it right.
Yes, this gorgeous blanket is causing quite the fight.
Nobody is covered, part of everyone is bare.
Oh, how this day would differ if Mom or Dad were there.
“My feet are frozen solid,” screams Sammy from the end.
“Well, maybe we could fit us all if Mikey wouldn't bend.”
“Well, Julie’s feet are on my back and I am going to yell.”
“And Jimmy will not tattle, ’cause there is no one to tell.”
And Jordan starts to cry a bit, he's cold and getting tired.
While all the others scream and yell, oh man these kids are wired.
And finally the oldest boys decide they've had enough.
Five kids with just one blanket, this night is getting rough.
So Jim and Mike hop out of bed, a blanket they will find.
The other three are finally warm, so this they do not mind.
They cannot find another, though they look for half an hour.
And when they get back to the room, the other kids look sour.
Now Jimmy knows this will not work, the same way as before.
Five kids and just one blanket, a bed and nothing more.
He says, “I am the oldest, so what I say must go.
Now everybody out of bed, we must lie in a row.”
So all the children scurry to do what Jimmy said.
Now everyone is in a row and fitting in the bed.
Then Jimmy takes the blanket off and puts it down once more.
And everyone is covered, with the blanket to the floor.
“Thank you Jimmy,” Jordan says “I'm glad you are the oldest.”
“No problem” Jimmy says with pride, “I'm sure you were the coldest.”
Forty little fingers, ten thumbs and fifty toes, everybody toasty lying neatly in a row.