NFL Out of Bounds Rules

The NFL requires that the sidelines of its fields be rimmed by a white border six feet wide. This territory is out of bounds, meaning that when a player in possession of the ball allows any part of his body, uniform, or equipment to touch it the play is over and the ball is marked where the player left the field of play and went out of bounds. The area that is in back of the end zone, which is 10 yards deep on both ends of the field, is also out of bounds. This comes into play in instances involving receptions, fumbles and kicks.

On a legal reception of a pass a receiver must catch the ball and establish both feet in bounds. This leads to many reviews of close plays, with the officials having to decide if the player had possession of the ball and was able to
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On fumbles that go out of bounds the last team to actually have possession of the football will be awarded the ball. The ball is spotted where it went out of
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If a kickoff winds up out of bounds without being touched by
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cheap oakleys on a kickoff. This rule does not apply on an onsides kick attempt as long as it is the
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About the Force Out Rule in the NFL

NFL Out of Bounds Rules.
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NFL Rules for Out of Bounds the Clock. . NFL Out of Bounds Rules. The National Football League has many rules.

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During a kickoff in a football . and the ball rolls out of bounds without anybody from the receiving team touching it.

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