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women’s athletic departments’ merger in best interests of
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I am a proud Lady Vol. I also wear the Power T and I’m proud to call myself a Volunteer. For 25 years, I have had the privilege of working with the men and women who represent the University of Tennessee as student athletes. It’s one of the best jobs at Tennessee.

Pat Summitt hired me as her manager and I currently hold the position of
fake Michael Kors senior associate athletics director and senior woman administrator; there have been lots of different jobs in between. I mention this so you can put my story in perspective.

I’ve been on the sidelines for national championships and I’ve seen us struggle through tough times. Change is never easy. The consolidation of departments, facing the fact that our most revered family member has an unforgiving disease, the retirement of a respected leader,
Michael Kors handbags outlet converting a brand it isn’t easy. Throughout the process, we have worked hard to think first of our student athletes. Here are some of my experiences and observations:

n Leaders are hired to make decisions. Some decisions are difficult to accept. Decisions are made with careful consideration and collaboration.

n The Lady Vols logo is an important part of our tradition and women’s basketball will continue to carry the Lady Vols brand.

n The changing of a logo does not change history. The changing of a logo does not change who we are and what we represent. The changing of a logo changes how we look going forward that is all it changes.

n Every women’s team held meetings to share information related to changing the logo to the Power T. Every student athlete has had an opportunity to express her opinion. Some have done so and some have not.

n Coaches were consulted. Every head coach of a women’s team had an individual meeting to discuss the branding change. Each took the opportunity to weigh in on the topic. In a meeting of all head coaches, the proposal was discussed at considerable length.

n Athletic Director Dave Hart has never taken credit for the idea of the Pat Summitt Plaza. He simply made it possible.

n Hart has never taken credit for the idea of a volleyball practice facility. He simply made it a reality and chose to
Michael Kors handbags outlet name it after a longtime leader of women, Joan Cronan.

n There was never an announcement to do away with the Lady Volunteer Hall of Fame. There was simply a decision to pause and develop a Hall of Fame that includes both men and women. The reports of eliminating the Hall of Fame are simply not true.

n The UT Athletic Department never said Nike made the decision to change the logo on women’s sports other than basketball. The Athletic Department, with the support of the university, made the decision.

n For those who believe they are fighting for Pat Summitt, stop and think for a minute. Nothing changes for women’s basketball. If you know Pat, you know she would have offered her opinion strongly and vigorously, and she would have supported her university even if she did not agree. She would not have waged a public battle that affects recruiting.

n The Lady Vols logo is not
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n The licensing office estimates that 2 to 5 percent of the $2.5 million in annual licensing revenue is related to the Lady Vols logo. That percentage is dependent on the success of women’s basketball.

n The Lady Vols logo will still be prominently displayed in
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n On average, 60 70 percent of funding for the previous separate women’s athletic department came from men’s athletics.

n Consolidation of intercollegiate athletics has followed a lengthy path that started 14 years ago under Cronan and former Men’s Athletic Director Doug Dickey:

In 2001, the Thornton
cheap Michael Kors Athletics Student Life Center consolidated academic support for male and female student athletes. Ticketing offices were consolidated in 2002 and business offices the next year. In 2004, sales and marketing offices were consolidated and a single public relations office created. Athletics compliance, development, event management and media relations offices were consolidated in 2009, and in 2011 administration, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, support staff and equipment services merged, with leadership moving to a single vice chancellor and director of athletics.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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