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I am unhappy with my job

The obvious guidance most of us received was to prepare for CAT and aim to get into a good business school which would guarantee us a job at the end of it.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the nation that he will help youngsters find jobs, I was very hopeful.

I was hoping the PM would introduce employment schemes or career development cells for commerce and arts graduates.

Forget jobs, I had difficulty finding a decent internship to start with.

After completing my graduation, I registered myself on several job sites and lost count of the copies of CV I shared with my friends, seniors and neighbours asking them to recommend me for a job or internship in their organisation.

When I tried following up, either they’d tell me there are no openings or they’d complain I don’t have relevant experience to start with.

I told them I was willing to work for free like an intern, but at least give me a chance to develop skills and prove myself.

I appeared for a few interviews too, but in the HR round, the managers wanted to know why I did not have any work
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Some of the companies wanted to know if I had coding and programming skills. I did not know what to do.

My friends suggested that I pursue CA or MBA to improve my prospects.

I did not want to become a CA or
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I wanted to work for at least a year to
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I continued to visit the career
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A few months later, some of my friends and neighbours started avoiding me.

Maybe they thought I would bug them to find a job.

In fact I just wanted to get some good career advice, but all doors
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In our society, if a graduate is not employed, s/he is a burden to the family.

Even my parents would get annoyed at me for silly things. At one point, they even wanted me to get married.

I am just 21 and I immediately rejected the option.

In December 2014, I told my parents that I would like to pursue an MBA.

They told me that they will not pay for my CAT coaching.

Instead, they wanted me to appear for UPSC and banking exams which according
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I had already wasted almost a year looking for a job and did not want to spoil any more time just writing exams.

I realised that I am on my own now and I had to find a job, irrespective of whether it interested me or not.

In January 2015, much against my parents’ wishes, I appeared for a BPO job interview
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Articles Connexes:

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