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How to Submit a Proposal

The ABC TV Documentaries department welcomes proposals for our Contemporary, History, Science, Natural History, Religion Ethics and Indigenous slates.

We look for bold and ambitious ideas to engage a national prime time audience. Strong narrative and absorbing characters are essential prerequisites. We encourage innovative and intelligent film making that speaks to the concerns of Australians today. Recent highlights include:

WHO KILLED DR BOGLE AND MRS CHANDLERTV Documentaries can only commission ideas from Independent Production Companies.

In the first instance a fully
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We actively encourage a range of story telling techniques across all slots including traditional observational documentaries to presenter led pieces to soft formats and docusoaps.

It’s also important to think about whom you want to target your idea, and when is the best time of night
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If you are a new filmmaker, without a lot of broadcast experience, don’t be afraid to bring us your ideas, we’d love to hear from you. That way we can respond quickly as to whether we have interest in the idea, and if it’s a priority for the current slate.

A short synopsis

An outline of the concept in terms of how you conceive it working on screen

If you are after development
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Which documentary slot you are submitting an idea for (link to Doc slots)

Additionally, you should list the key creative talents on board the project (include CVs)

Where to send it:

All ideas should be submitted via the TV Documentaries department. Please do not send your ideas directly to Commissioning Editors believe us, it will save time.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: