Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

Studio Richard Jochum

323 West 39th Street, #714

New York, NY 10018


Richard Jochum Order , media artist and educator, is a studio member of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts 
and Associate Professor of Art and Art Education at Columbia University, Teachers College. He is the 
originator of this project. 

Ruth Zamoyta, poet and communications strategist, is project director and poetry editor.

Ann Teed, visual artist and educator, manages the visual art.

Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, lecturer in music education, coordinates the musical entries.

Nick Beatty, writer and publishing professional, is poetry editor and social media manager.

Amanda Kusek, writer and hospitality professional, is poetry editor.

John Figurski, visual artist and graphic designer, is our book designer.

Trina Robinson, visual artist and graphic designer, is our web designer.


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Business of the Week There’s been a culinary trend catching on lately: high quality ingredients, simply cooked, with no frills. By coincidence, that’s precisely the Greek authentic rafael bush womens jersey way of cooking, and a trend that’s been interpreted with great success at Okeanos, the under the radar Greek restaurant that opened in January of 2010 on Seventh Avenue and Eighth Street. Owner Tommy Mamounas also owns the neighborhood fixture Donuts Coffee Shop a couple doors down, and decided to open the restaurant in order to "show our Greek heritage," he explained. "We’ve run the coffee shop for the past 20 years, and wanted to provide something else to enhance the community. This type of restaurant was nonexistent around here two years ago: simple, fresh Greek cuisine, with a modern twist. It’s refined food, because diners in this neighborhood are refined." Okeanos means "the deep sea," explained general manager Stephanie Voulgaris, who joined the team five months ago and has since fine tuned the
. The Blackhawks pulled double duty Friday night. The players brought the Stanley Cup trophy to the Mumford Sons concert at Montrose Beach, where the Blackhawks Niklas Hjalmarsson invited members of the Grammy winning band to drink from the Cup on stage. a great thing I didn tell (them) where it been the last couple days, Hjalmarsson told the crowd once the band members were done drinking. Read more Around town: Blackhawks give bars, restaurants little notice before the Cup appears Celebrating with the Cup Billy Dec Pop singer Natasha Bedingfield, from left, Rockit Bar Grill co owner Billy Dec, the Blackhawks’ Brent Seabrook and Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams celebrate with the Stanley Cup trophy June 16, 2015, at Rockit. Pop singer Natasha Bedingfield, from left, Rockit Bar Grill co owner Billy Dec, the Blackhawks’ Brent Seabrook and Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams celebrate with the Stanley Cup trophy June 16, 2015, at Rockit. (Billy Dec) Two busloads of Blackhawks players visited
whether they have asthma, diabetes or another condition," said Sarah Dash, a research professor at Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms. "Well woman care is critically important, too. Young women who might be thinking of starting a family down the road need to take care of themselves in their 20s." You may have trouble getting follow up care Hospital emergency departments traditionally care for patients with urgent needs, such as broken bones or head injuries stemming from an accident, regardless of their ability to pay. "But your ability to get necessary follow up care, rehab care or whatever service you need to get back as much full function as possible is going to require coverage or a fair amount of money," said Ellen Pryga, director of policy for the American Hospital Association. You may miss out on options to offset coverage costs For the first time Pills in history, people with moderate and low incomes will be eligible for tax credits and subsidies to offset the
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Aetna pulls health plans from Maryland insurance exchange Aetna Inc. said Friday it canceled plans to sell insurance on Maryland’s new health insurance exchange, set to open Oct. 1 as part of the federal health care reform law, after regulators cut the rates it could charge consumers for its plans. Aetna was one of several carriers poised to sell on the state’s exchange, along with Coventry Health Care, which Aetna acquired this spring. But Aetna told Maryland Insurance Commissioner Therese M. Goldsmith in a letter this week that cuts regulators made to the rates the wholesale nba jerseys companies had proposed "would not allow us to collect enough premiums to cover the cost of the plans." The decision leaves the exchange with fewer choices for consumers who need to buy insurance, as required by the law, because they don’t have it now or can’t get it from their employer. But state officials said they don’t expect the loss of Aetna and Coventry
Finding Federal and Ontario Statutes 1. Check The Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers For a Citation (Official Method) The Table of Public Statutes for federal legislation is a cumulative, alphabetical listing of all federal statutes in force and provides a citation to the main statute plus citations to any amendments in the annual volumes of the Statutes of Canada. The Table is found in the orange pages of the Statutes of Canada volumes. The federal Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers is also published three times a year, separately from the bound statutes. For both federal and provincial statutes it is important to always use the most recent table. The Statutes of Canada volumes are beige books. The Statutes of are red books. Both are arranged by year and volume number and shelved on the main floor of the library. Locate the Act you need. Legislation is listed alphabetically by title in the table Citation

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Application to Convocate Please complete and submit this form to the Registrar Office if you have successfully completed, or are currently enrolled in, the necessary courses to complete your program requirements prior to the end of the 2014 15 academic year (June 30, 2015; or August 30, 2015 for online courses). Successful completion of all graduation requirements applicable to your program, as outlined in the Lethbridge cheap replica ray ban College calendar, will insure your eligibility to graduate. To participate in Convocation 2015, please complete the following no later than March 31, 2015: Lethbridge College convocation ceremonies are replica oakleys outlet held for students who have successfully completed, or are currently enrolled in, the courses needed to complete their program requirements prior to the end of the 2014 15 academic year discount ray ban online (June 30, 2015; or August 31, 2015 for online courses). Gown rentals may be done in person wholesale discount ray ban at the Bookstore or via telephone (403) 320 3308, starting February 9, 2015. In order to insure cheap ray ban outlet your name is represented in
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Ex NFL player, Paul Elite Gold Marc Savard Jersey Oliver, has been found dead with a self Authenitc Gold Reilly Smith Jersey inflicted gunshot wound at his home in the suburbs of Atlanta. The former NFL player for the San Diego Chargers was 29 years old. The medical examiner has ruled Oliver’s death as a suicide by handgun, according to CNN on Sept. 25. Oliver’s body was found in his Marietta, Cob County home at the bottom of Elite Black Reilly Smith Jersey a flight of stairs. It was a Elite White Dougie Hamilton Jersey family member who found his body and called 911, Cobb County police spokesman Sgt. Oliver played defensive back at the University Authenitc Black Reilly Smith Jersey of Georgia before going to the NFL to plan for the San Diego Chargers. He played for the chargers from 2007 to 2011. His record indicates he had 144 tackles in 57 games. A written statement from the NFL team said: "Everyone in the Chargers family is sad today after hearing the news about Paul. He was part of our family for five years. At just 29 years old, he still had a lifetime in front of him. Right now all of our thoughts and prayers are with his family during Authenitc White Jeremy Lauzon Jersey this
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49ers boss keeps Hayne’s NFL hopes aliveSAN Francisco 49ers coach Jim Tomsula has left open the possibility of promoting Jarryd Hayne to play in this weekend’s Cheap MBA Jersey Paypal clash with the Detroit Lions.Shaun Marsh dropped for Boxing Day TestSHAUN Marsh has been dropped for tomorrow’s Boxing Day Test against the West Indies despite scoring a century in the previous Test in Hobart.Windies ‘one good day’ from turning it aroundHIS side may have been handed an absolute flogging in Hobart, but Jason Holder remains confident the West Indies can turn things around against Australia.Pakistan duo refuse to train with AmirPAKISTAN ODI captain Azhar Ali and veteran opener Mohammad Hafeez have boycotted a training camp after Mohammad Amir was included.Wanderers extend unbeaten run to nine games21:23 PMCarly Adno THE Wanderers will enjoy Christmas five points clear of the chasing pack after a 2 0 win over Newcastle Jets following goals from Alberto and Mark Bridge.Re live: Wanderers power past JetsTHE Western Sydney

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