Five siblings inherit a blanket. They lie beneath it, together, to stay warm.

But inevitably body parts stick out and they squabble and tug. They

do not realize that they would all fit if they just moved closer together.


Blanket Stories invited poets, artists, and musicians to respond to this tale. Selected poems and 
artwork will be published by Ragged Sky Press in a BOOK and exhibited/read/performed at a 
LAUNCH EVENT in New York City in June of 2014. Conceived of by artist Richard Jochum, Blanket 
Stories aims to encourage appreciation for art and poetry as well as collaboration across fields. It 
demonstrates how a parable can be read and reinterpreted in an infinite number of ways. 

Our MAIN PAGE contains the poems that will appear in the book. For a complete list of all 
submitted poems, visit our ONLINE SHOWCASE.



Blanket Stories will demonstrate how, through collaboration, the significance of a parable can be
artistically reiterated in an infinite number of ways. The parable is one of the earliest means 
of education and has been used by many if not all cultures throughout human history. Today it is 
still used for moral enlightenment—and so is art. By exposing a simple, narrated tale to poets 
and artists, and inviting them to interpret it creatively, we refract the message through multiple 
lenses. And, like any truly collaborative project, Blanket Stories will take on a life of its 
own, with its contributors bringing it in new directions.
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spedita, giacch i militari erano sempre pi preoccupati per gli sviluppi sovietici nel settore dei bombardieri e dei missili antinave, cui si aggiungeva http://www.jeepsontrails.com/ la minaccia (in verit sopravvalutata) rappresentata dal nuovo caccia/ricognitore MiG http://medvoy.com/blog/cheap-jerseys-mlb-jerseys-free-shipping-8gy50-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ 25 Foxbat. Il prototipo del nuovo intercettore, denominato YF 14A, fu pronto nel 1970. Il velivolo veniva chiamato familiarmente Cat (il gatto di Tom) con riferimento ai nomi dei due ammiragli che avevano sostenuto tenacemente il programma: Thomas Connolly e Thomas Moorer. Il nomignolo piacque e fu ufficializzato in Il prototipo del Tomcat spicc il suo primo volo il 21 dicembre del 1970, ma nel corso del secondo volo, il 30 dicembre http://www.edudemic.com/ successivo, si schiant http://www.mixupper.com/2015/09/cheap-jerseys-nfl-jerseys-china-free-shipping-8vx41-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ per un’avaria catastrofica del sistema idraulico. http://www.pak.tv/misc/documentaries/cheap-jerseys-cheap-nfl-jerseys-free-5mr666-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ I due http://kedarit.com/ piloti riuscirono ad http://www.africajobs.org/uncategorized/cheap-jerseys-wholesale-nba-jerseys-free-shipping-7bw48-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ eiettarsi appena in tempo. Il http://40graus.al/?p=163213 secondo prototipo vol il 24 maggio del http://recipes.payswarm.com/?p=10769 1971, e quello stesso anno fu ordinata la produzione dei http://bj.mongol.cn/?p=4247 primi 26 aerei di serie, che furono http://automotorshows.com/auto-china-show/cheap-jerseys-wholesale-jerseys-free-shipping-3vd81-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ preceduti
. It also was threatened from the south by an amphibious expedition http://www.openstone.cc/?p=473 from Fort Monroe that had seized a large swath of coastal North Carolina earlier in 1862. "Norfolk was ripe for the taking," Norfolk State University archivist Tommy Bogger says. "But Lincoln was the one who made the Union army and navy do it." Meeting with Maj. Gen. John Wool http://lainfotecasantillana.com/2015/09/cheap-jerseys-cheap-jerseys-free-shipping-8ap35-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ and Flag Officer Louis Goldsborough soon after his arrival, Lincoln found them http://msc.esadeblogs.com/?p=4783 practically paralyzed by the threat of the ironclad CSS http://www.hearos.com/earplugblog/cheap-jerseys-cheap-jerseys-china-free-shipping-0ph81-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ Virginia, which in March http://advforms.com/cheap-jerseys-wholesale-jerseys-from-china-free-8mv020-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ wholesale jerseys from china had inflicted the navy’s worst defeat before Pearl Harbor. But rather than ordering his commanders to attack the formidable warship directly, he purposed capturing its base in Norfolk http://www.verticalmeasures.com/ and Gosport through an amphibious landing. Then he countered their worries about operating in such http://www.bareboneswellness.com/2015/09/cheap-jerseys-mlb-jerseys-free-shipping-4ep94-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ shallow waters by suggesting they use the shoal draft http://www.librarium-online.com/ canal boats already tied up in large numbers at Fort http://fitness.makeupandbeauty.com/ Monroe. "Lincoln had been
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clearing budget stays in the black City officials are reporting snow err, no problems staying on budget when it comes to clearing Calgary roads this year. In fact, with just a few weeks remaining, $5 million of the $34.7 million allocated for such efforts in 2012 wholesale oakleys has yet to be spent. are on budget, despite the hordes of snow, said spokesperson Jennifer Thompson Goldberg. you look at last year, we had way more snow overall. city 2011 snow budget ran more than $3 million into the red, but this time around the white stuff has come in bigger dumps, Thompson Goldberg said, whereas prolonged storms last year led to increased overtime costs for staff. Some members of city council have been wholesale ray ban sunglasses critical of the roads department practices since voting wholesale ray ban store to hike the snow removal budget by $10 million in the fall of 2009; however, officials have pointed out that other cities like Montreal and Toronto spend double or even triple to keep their plows running. Ald. Ray Jones proposed the increase and said proof of its merit lies in the numbers, adding he knows of only one snow related complaint to date this year. think we are on the right track now, Jones said, before adding he still not convinced about the city new snow route parking ban, which ward residents claim is confusing and lacks proper signage.

a collection of political cartoons on the Authenitc Black Dougie Hamilton Jersey economy.] Authenitc Black Chris Kelly Jersey The incident has rightly produced a host of Authenitc Authenitc Gold Patrice Bergeron Jersey Jeremy Lauzon Elite White Dougie Hamilton Jersey Jersey denunciations of the NFL’s hazing culture and the influence it Youth Jeremy Lauzon Jersey may have had in prompting Incognito to act as he did. "I Authenitc Gold Jeremy Lauzon Jersey think the NFL Authenitc Jeremy Lauzon Jersey Authenitc Black Reilly Smith Jersey in the Elite White Dougie Hamilton Jersey Elite Black Patrice Bergeron Jersey same way it banned all bounties after the New Orleans Saints’ scandal must think about banning anything that reeks of hazing. Just because this tradition has been handed Authenitc Tuukka Rask Jersey down doesn’t make it smart, or right," wrote Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. But the Dolphins case has Authenitc Elite Gold Jeremy Lauzon Jersey Authenitc Marc Savard Jersey Patrice Bergeron Jersey also provided a stark reminder that bullying is not something isolated to the playground Elite White Patrice Bergeron Jersey or a Elite White Chris Kelly Jersey middle school cafeteria. According to the Workplace Bullying Authenitc Gold Reilly Smith Jersey Institute, some 35 percent of Americans have experienced bullying on the job, with another 15 percent reporting that they witnessed others being bullied. The majority of that bullying is same gender harassment, the Institute found, "which is mostly legal according to anti discrimination laws and workplace policies."
what is happening to pro ballers but you can say they at least got paid millions. But what about all the kids who never get there but had to sustain Elite Black Chris Kelly Jersey all the trauma? Yes, there always a chance of a concussion in many sports. My daughter does gymnastics, so I aware of the risks. But football, that a given for each play. Like Youth Marc Savard Jersey I stated, I really do enjoy the game. But something has to change. Your concern is well taken. There is a reason why the NFL has the lawfuit issues it does over concussions. Even at the high school and Pop Warner levels, there can be serious accidents resulting in head injuries. I not opposed to sports either, but as a safety consultant working in and around the insurance industry for 35 years (before retiring), I read too many claims reports coming from head injuries, usually in football. At the same time, we can take some comfort in the fact that the helmet manufacturers hav devoted considerable dollars and research to helmet design. It is pretty amazing actually, but
thrusts gamers into a deep Authenitc White TJ Brodie Jersey and harrowing Youth Kris Russell Jersey story of humankind’s epic battle for survival against the Locust Men Johnny Gaudreau Jersey Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures Elite Red Devin Setoguchi Jersey that surface from the bowels of the earth. Gears of War is about teamwork in a big way. teammates designed with specific strengths, weaknesses and Elite Red TJ Brodie Jersey personalities). Youth TJ Brodie Jersey Also, voice recognition Authenitc Kris Russell Jersey will be available for players, Authenitc Elite White Brandon Bollig Jersey Rasmus Andersson Jersey and voice chat to discuss strategy Authenitc White Devin Setoguchi Jersey with your friends. 2. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Shooter The Kid Dennis Wideman Jersey face of war has changed with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Enemy lines are blurred and there is no Authenitc Red Mason Raymond Jersey clear opponent. New enemies and Youth Jarome Elite White Rasmus Andersson Jersey Iginla Jersey threats require a new type of warfare and a new kind of soldier. Enter the Ghosts. Army Women Kris Russell Jersey will implement its Integrated Warfighter System. IWS combines advanced weapon systems, satellite communication devices, and enhanced survivability features into a fully integrated warfare combat system. Equipped with Elite White Rasmus Andersson Jersey cutting Authenitc White TJ Brodie Jersey edge weapons and communications systems, you will find yourself,
Most NFL players begin playing the sport in Pop Warner Elite White Rasmus Andersson Jersey and recreation leagues as children. By the time they entered high school, they have a firm grasp of the game and generally outperform their teammates and opponents on the field. They continue their development during high school and begin to garner attention from college coaches. The vast majority of players in the NFL played college football, and most did so at a Division I program. It is at these major programs that players receive the greatest exposure to NFL Elite Red Rasmus Andersson Jersey scouts. Furthermore, they will have the experience of playing against other elite athletes. receivers, and offensive and defensive backfields). Players spend countless hours working out to increase their speed, by doing explosive Olympic lifts such as squats Elite Red Jarome Iginla Jersey and cleans, as well as plyometric jumps. Additionally, coaches look for players who are agile as straight line speed is rarely utilized in the course of a game; instead football players rely on cutting and change of direction

can watch the Wholesale Larry Fitzgerald Jersey best races and keep up with the best drivers in the business. Even more obscure sports, such as cricket and lacrosse are covered with Direct Authenitc NFL Jersey Online Store TV ‘s many sports channels. Quite a few of these are even offered in high definition. The customer service from Direct TV is top notch as well. They truly seem to want to make sure their subscribers are happy with their service. Authenitc NBA Jersey For Sale This is something that many Authenitc Kids Jersey Free Shipping customers appreciate, especially when they have Replica Wholesale Larry Fitzgerald Jersey Kurt Warner Jersey service Authenitc Wholesale Adrian Wilson Jersey Jersey For Cheap Sale related questions. When you order Direct TV, you can have a professional come to your home, install it Authenitc Jersey For Cheap Sale for you, and then explain Adrian Wilson Jersey For Sale everything you need to know about how the system works. Because the service is satellite based and doesn’t rely on cables, you don’t Cheap NBA Jersey Online have to worry about Cheap Larry Fitzgerald Jersey living in a rural area. DIRECTV offers service to customers who live in even remote parts Cheap Jersey Online Store of America. With all of the great benefits that DIRECTV offers, it is easy to see why so many people are now choosing to go with the premier satellite Authenitc Kids Jersey Free Shipping company in
name his team "The Shockers," or draft Michael Vick and call his team The Electric Pit Bulls. This year he’ll definitely be drafting the Bears’ Adrian Peterson Authenitc Jersey Paypal Online and then later offering him up in trades for first rounders. He’ll also be drafting players with funny names, like Steve Breaston, Chad Ochocinco and Visanthe Schiancoe. When asked why he drafted Breaston so early, he’ll likely tell you, "He was the breast available option." There are excusable reasons to miss your fantasy draft. Guys have kids, get married, their wives find out Replica Michael Floyd Jersey about their kids and leave them. But there’s always that one guy who can’t be bothered to be at a computer for three hours out of the year, every year. Yahoo! or ESPN will make Cheap Jersey For Sale all of his selections for him, and he’ll spend the rest of the season bitching about how he was "totally going to take (insert whatever player kicked his ass the previous Sunday)." His list of "guys I was totally going to take" contains at least
Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Q4 2013 Synchronoss Technologies Incorporated Earnings Conference Call. My name is Glenn, and I will be your operator for today. Cheap MBA Jersey Paypal Replica Jersey Free Shipping (Operator Instructions) As a reminder, this conference is being recorded for replay purposes. I would now like to turn the conference over to your host today, Mr. Larry Irving, Chief Financial Officer. Please proceed sir. Thank you. Good afternoon, and welcome to the Synchronoss Fourth Quarter and full year 2013 Earnings Call. We will be discussing the results announced in the press release issued after the market closed today. I am Larry Irving, Chief Financial Officer of Synchronoss. With me on the call is, Steve Waldis, Founder and CEO. During the call, we will make Authenitc Larry Fitzgerald Jersey statements related to our business that may be considered forward looking statements under federal security laws. These statements reflect our views only as of today and should not be reflected upon as representing our views as of any subsequent
The professional

. The increase in net sales was due to an cheap elite jerseys increase in net christian louboutin outlet sales of yeezy 750 new release zoloft legit online the rotating electrical business by $6.6 million or 11.5% during the authentic jerseys three months ended March 31, 2014 compared with the same period of the prior year wholesale jerseys and sales cheap yeezy boost 750 of wheel hub assemblies and wheel hub bearings of $12.0 million for the fourth quarter. The gross cheap yeezy boost 750 profit percentage remained consistent at 31.2% during the three cheap michael kors months ended yeezy 750 new release March 31, 2014 compared with a prior year. General and administrative expenses increased by $1 million after adjusting for non cash mark to wholesale jerseys china market net losses, expenses related authentic cheap jerseys to discontinued subsidiaries yeezy 750 free shipping and FAS 123R non cash stock wholesale authentic jerseys compensation expense. The increase is primarily due to cheap authentic nfl jerseys paypal additional general and administrative expenses cheap yeezy boost 750 related for the new cheap nfl jerseys wheel hubs cheap yeezy boost 750 product line and additional nfl jerseys professional fees. Sales and cheap yeezy boost marketing expenses increased $248,000 compared with the cheap yeezy boost 750 prior cheap oakley sunglasses year fourth fake oakleys quarter 750 yeezy for sale due to employee related expenses and travel. Operating income for the fiscal 2014 fourth quarter was $14.3 million, cheap michael kors outlet compared
TORONTO Canadians are preparing to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees set to arrive in the coming weeks even as the exact dates of the government arranged cheap nba jerseys flights remain a mystery. Temporary wholesale nhl jerseys paypal processing yeezy 750 free shipping centres have replica ray bans been set up to handle the cheap jerseys from china waves cheap elite jerseys of newcomers at Toronto’s Pearson cheap ray bans airport and Montreal’s Pierre 750 yeezy paypal online Elliott Trudeau airport and officials say both facilities will be ready cheap michael kors outlet in time replica 750 yeezy for the first arrivals, some cheap fake oakleys of whom could come christian louboutin replic within days. By the time the refugees leave the airports, they’ll have received cheap yeezy boost 750 permanent residency, a social insurance number and information 750 yeezy for sale on working in 750 yeezy paypal online Canada, as well as a boxed meal cheap jerseys from china and translators on hand to help as needed, federal officials say. Weary parents and restless replica 750 yeezy children cheap jerseys china will be cheap fake oakleys able wholesale cheap jerseys to recover from their official jerseys travels parents in rows of seating, kids in a play 750 yeezy paypal online area equipped with stuffed animals and other toys. The goal is to make refugees’ first yeezy 750 free shipping experiences replica 750 yeezy in their new country cheap michael kors warm and welcoming, said Heidi Jurisic, the Greater Toronto replica oakleys Area director for Immigration,
accused Jackson of. Couple robbed discount nfl jerseys at knifepoint in fake ray bans Osceola cheap michael kors County parking lotA man and woman were robbed at knifepoint in a parking lot cheap football jerseys in Osceola County Tuesday, the cheap ray bans Sheriff Office reported. cheap mlb jerseys No one was hurt, discount ray bans but a video released by the Sheriff authentic jerseys Office shows cheap ray bans two suspects threatening cheap fake oakleys the couple, 750 yeezy for sale one going through the man pockets then grabbing the woman purse and dashing. Cops: loving cheap jerseys business owner shot to death outside Sanford storeSanford cheap michael kors police say the man shot outside a convenience store Wednesday night has died. official jerseys The victim was identified as cheap ray bans the 63 year old owner of the Kim Food Store, Joshua Myung Hur. outside the cheap yeezy boost store at 4th cheap yeezy bost 550 Street 750 yeezy paypal online and cheap michael kors handbags Poplar Avenue and was taken to the yeezy 750 free shipping hospital. Cops: Man traveled to meet Groveland boy for sexA Cheap Authentic jerseys 48 year old Dade City man was arrested this morning WHOLESALE AUTHENTIC JERSEYS on cheap ray bans charges of traveling to meet a 14 year old boy he met online yeezy 750 free shipping for sex, Groveland police said. An officer Tuesday night approached Michael Woodrow cheap michael kors outlet Walton black SUV, which had its headlights 750 yeezy for sale off in an orange grove off State Road
responsible cheap fake oakleys choices to not purchase shark products and spread the message for others to do the same. Hopefully these items will be 750 yeezy for sale removed from store discount jerseys wholesale shelves in the near cheap nfl jerseys future." cheap replica oakleys But where do the cheap jerseys sale sharks actually come from? Riptide set out to discover the source of the strange souvenir. The search christian louboutin replic began cheap elite jerseys at michael kors outlet South Beach’s biggest souvenir shop: Alvin’s Island on the corner of Lincoln and Collins. Two dozen small sharks floated michael kors handbags outlet near the front window like a strange authentic nhl jerseys science cheap authentic jerseys experiment. They had no replica 750 yeezy sticker saying where they came from, just replica yeezy boost 550 a price nike jerseys tag of $16.99. "Why yeezy 750 new release do you want to know?" asked the manager, who refused to give his name. "We don’t give out the information of our suppliers." Cater corner at Wings, the yeezy 750 new release same sharks were on sale for $5.98. "We’re getting rid of yeezy 750 new release them discount ray bans because nba jerseys so many 750 yeezy for sale people have complained," a manager explained. "That’s why they are on cheap fake ray bans clearance. "I think they are raised in pools," she added. "They cheap michael kors handbags aren’t from the ocean, cheap jerseys from china I know that."
. As a child, she emigrated from cheap jerseys sale Guyana and eventually became a citizen. For a cheap authentic nfl jerseys professional, and a lawyer at that, this 750 yeezy paypal online situation is mostly just Cheap Jerseys Wholesale awkward and inconvenient; I cannot imagine the increased exposure to discrimination faced by individuals who 750 yeezy paypal online do less specialized work," Outar said. The false positive rate is 20 times higher for foreign born workers than it is for workers born here, according to a 2009 report cheap jerseys wholesale commissioned by the cheap jerseys Department of Homeland Security. That’s because cheap yeezy boost 750 immigrants, particularly Latinos, have more complicated names. "Latinos often have a maternal and paternal last name, and there’s a lack of cheap michael kors handbags consistency in tracking both," said John Keller, executive director of the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota. In Minnesota, about 45 percent of the non family dairy employees are from Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador, said Chuck Schwartau, who oversees livestock education programs for the University of Minnesota Extension in Rochester. Jessica Vaughan, public policy director at the
along with critical editorials, including one on cheap michael kors handbags the findings from an investigator who looked into the whistleblower complaints. "Two grand themes jump out of the report," cheap yeezy boost 750 the editorial declared: "abusive authentic nhl jerseys intolerance of critics and a level of politicization the office hasn’t seen in decades if ever." In a stream of stories, yeezy 750 new release most of them the work of reporter Sean Robinson, the NT regularly inserted a paragraph or two about what this sideshow was costing taxpayers. With headlines including "Possible new headache for Lindquist: An ethics probe" cheap michael kors and "Federal lawsuit accuses adidas yeezy boost Pierce prosecutor cheap ray bans Lindquist and staffer of deceiving courts," the jerseys wholesale detailed reports cheap elite jerseys came off as christian louboutin outlet informed and edgy. In August, Lindquist’s office struck wholesale nfl jerseys back. "I can Jerseys Wholesale From China no longer allow the Tacoma News Tribune, through Sean Robinson, to continue to mislead the public cheap oakleys online and attack the integrity cheap authentic nike jerseys of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, and me directly," 750 yeezy paypal online Jared Ausserer, who cheap michael kors outlet prosecuted Dalsing, wrote on his

5 Hurt as Driver Rams Car Into Outdoor Party SAN DIEGO Five people were discount ray bans injured early Wednesday when a man plowed his car into a crowd of several hundred party goers gathered on Fiesta Island after a nearby rock concert. Police said angry people in 750 boost free shipping the cheap yeezy 350 boost crowd retaliated against the driver by dragging him from the car cheap oakleys store and beating him. The driver, identified by police as Martin J. Tuesday, and afterward a crowd of fans and others gathered at sandy Fiesta Island a mile away, a common site of large parties and bonfires. "The suspect then yelled that he replica yeezy boost was going to get cheap yeezy boost 350 a gun," said San Diego police Detective yeezy 750 for sale Jerry Berner. 350 boost free shipping "Evidently he changed his mind, gunned the engine and headed for the crowd." Stockart’s car struck bystander Kimberly Myers, 16, police nfl jerseys said. It pushed Myers several feet, hit other bystanders as it careened about 100 feet through the crowd and crashed into a parked truck, police said. Hit in the Leg Richard Kukan, 19, 750 yeezy for sale of Chula Vista said he was hit by the car. "I was walking through the crowd and yeezy 750 boost black I heard this car behind me and I saw the yeezy 750 boost black headlights coming over my shoulder," he said. "It hit me in the back of the leg and I cheap jerseys landed on my back. . . . Lots of people were running toward the car screaming." The yeezy 750 boost online angry crowd then dragged the driver from the car and beat him, police said, Kukan was treated for bruises at the yeezy 750 boost black Chula Vista Community Hospital and released on crutches Wednesday. Myers yeezy 750 for sale is in cheap yeezy boost 750 good condition at the UCSD hospital, two others were treated at Mission Bay Hospital and another was treated at Balboa Park Naval Hospital. In an apparently unrelated incident on the island, Thomas Cummings, 25, was in a pickup truck when someone in a green Chevrolet fired several gunshots at him through the window, police said. He suffered a grazing wound to the cheek and was in stable condition at Sharp Memorial Hospital.
open in one window and an app like Twitter open in another is especially useful. It’s not as much of a necessity for smaller devices, but it works pretty well for those yeezy 350 new release who want to use it. That said, there’s plenty of room for improvement, and Windows 8.1 needs to address a few small screen replica yeezy 350 boost issues. An cheap michael kors handbags 8 inch tablet is optimal for reading, but cheap jerseys Windows 8.1’s addition of baked in, reading centric features is scatterbrained at best. There’s the yeezy 350 boost black Instapaper esque Reading List app, which will take any link you send over and stash it away yeezy 350 boost black for later yeezy 350 boost black reading. Yet it doesn’t reformat webpages and articles into a more reading friendly format, and it doesn’t allow for offline viewing, which strips away much of its utility. There’s also a separate Windows Reader app that only supports PDFs. No e books. No HTML files. Just PDFs. Yes there are Kindle and Nook reader apps, but if Microsoft is serious about cheap ray bans supporting smaller devices, offering better features for readers is crucial. Combining Reading List and Reader into a single

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